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Car Repairs . Service . Roadworthy . Melbourne Packages

Package A – Major Service

  • Full service
  • Change oil & filter
  • Light checks
  • Tyre pressure and condition
  • Check spare tyre pressure
  • Check levels and fill
  • Check brakes
  • Electronic tune up
  • Spark plugs
  • Air filter
  • Fuel filter fitted
  • Wynn’s injector & fuel cleaner
  • Throttle body cleaner
  • Lubricate hinges
  • Check power steering fluids
  • Check coolant condition
  • Battery test
  • Validate service book
  • FREE drop off (Local area)
  • FREE safety inspection and report

From $399*




Package B – Minor Service

  • Minor service
  • Change oil  & filter
  • Light checks
  • Tyre pressure and condition
  • Check spare tyre pressure
  • Check levels and fill
  • Check brakes
  • Check & clean air filter
  • Validate service book
  • FREE drop off (Local area)
  • FREE safety inspection and report

$299   Most Popular
From $199*

Package C – Roadworthy Inspections

  • Safety check and report
  • Vic Roads approved
  • FREE drop off (Local area)

$350  Limited time only
From $150*




Package D – Tyre & Wheel Alignment

  • Check tyres & wheel alignment
  • Electronic wheel balance
  • FREE drop off (Local area)

15% OFF

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Vehicle Servicing Packages

Our aim is to keep your car and family safe while on the road as well as other road users. We achieve this by servicing and maintaining your vehicle to our high standards.

Service/Log Books and Car, Vans and Commercial Vehicles
When it’s time for your Vehicles; Oil Change, Tune Up, New Air Filters, and Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance—we have you covered. Check your owner’s manual to see when it’s time for service, or let us design a custom service schedule that supports your individual driving needs. We can even create maintenance plans for your commercial vans and small trucks.

Brakes, Engine, Transmission, Wheel Alignment, And More!

When your car breaks down, when your tyres are wearing unevenly, steering is off, or something just doesn’t sound or feel right—A George Motors is here to help .We can provide full –service repairs and can meet your needs for both schedule and last minute repairs and even car breakdowns. Book your repairs now

Reliable Tyres

We rotate and balance your tyres, check the tread; inspect your rotors, pads, and alignment. We also repair flat tyres and assist you with selecting new tyres to suit your budget and needs to ensure you have the traction you need to keep your vehicle secure on the road.


Roadworthy Inspections

Roadworthy inspections are not only required, but they are essential for keeping you safe and other road users. To have an experienced mechanic assess your vehicle will provide you with the peace of mind that the used vehicle you are purchasing is going to be reliable and dependable.

Schedule your appointment today if:

  • A defect notice/ unroadworthy notice has been issued. We will inspect your vehicle and perform the repair required to get you back on the road ASAP.
  • You are buying a used car.
  • You are transferring vehicle registration for an out-of-state vehicle or unregistered vehicle
  • You need to re-register a vehicle when the registration has expired or has been cancelled

Competitively Priced Services for all Vehicles

The price of all of our car maintenance and inspection services is competitively priced—however we won’t sacrifice quality for cost. We use quality products and parts, and our trained technicians are up-to-date on all advanced training, techniques, and diagnostics.

Drop-in maintenance and repairs are welcome, but you can also schedule your repairs in advance. Book online car service here

Licensed Vehicle Tester

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*Terms and conditions apply to these packages and promotions. Prices are subjected to change with out warning. All prices are based on standard sized vehicles. Any SUV, 4WD and other larger vehicles will incur extra costs.

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